Eyelash Extension

Our eyelash extensions are beautifully crafted synthetic lashes. They have a seductive flick of the tail with a soft feather light feel. The eyelash extensions are bonded with a premium eyelash extension adhesive to your own natural lashes. Lash extensions will add length and density to your own lash line. These lashes can last from 3-5 weeks. No mascara is needed and when performed by our experienced lash technician the health of your own lashes will not be damaged. All safety aspects of our lash extension application is paramount.

  1. Express Flare
    Express Flare – Giving a flare to the outer lid line. Great for clients who want a quick service and popular with wedding groups. Learn More
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  2. Glamour
    Glamour – Giving a totally showcase dramatic enhancement to the eyes. Medium to longer lengths are usually used for this dramatic stunning look. Learn More
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  3. Natural
    Natural - Giving subtle enhancement to the eyes. Short to medium lengths are usually used for the carefree look. Great for clients with naturally thin lashes or sparse lash lines. Learn More
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  4. Plush

    Plush – Giving a vivid sharper enhancement to the eyes. Medium to long lengths are usually used for this stunning look. 

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  5. Refills
    Refills - $3.50 per lash, a surcharge of $10 is applied for the removal of 3 to 5 lashes and $30 for any more than 5 lashes. Learn More
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When removing the makeup, make sure your makeup remover is not oil-based, as oil breaks down the bond that the adhesive creates between the synthetic and natural lashes, which could potentially cause them to fall out. There is no need to use mascara with the eyelash extensions as our locks lashes are already designed with the mascara-on effect. If you are getting a little irritated with your new lashes or going to water, blow dry your lash extensions in a distance that warm wind not so strong, then use the locks lash protective coating a little more frequently (every second day). Follow these guidelines and your lashes will last longer.